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Students have several opportunities to network with professionals, faculty members, and other students as part of their unique Kohl Centre experience. Hear in their own words why these students found the Kohl Centre networking experiences to be important.

Below are lists of events and activities that the Kohl Students attend as part of their unique out of the classroom learning experience. They also may travel as part of their faculty lead, student run projects. All travel expenses were paid by the Kohl Centre and made possible by generous donor support.

USDA Outlook Forum (2014 and 2015)
Virginia Governor’s Conference on Agricultural Trade (2014)
Virginia Cooperative Council’s Virginia Institute on Cooperative Education (VICE) (2014)

Below are partnering agencies and businesses that have worked with the students to-date.

Virginia Cooperative Extension
Virginia Cooperative Council
Engel Family Farms
Ag CacheChristiansburg Aquatic Center
Market Maker
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services