Student Sheldon Waldron spoke at the Virginia Institute on Cooperative Education

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Student Sheldon Waldron shared his family’s experience as members of the Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative with 42 high school students at the 2014 Virginia Institute on Cooperative Education hosted by the Virginia Cooperative Council at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, VA. Other Kohl Center students attended the conference as volunteers.

Each spring, the Virginia Cooperative Council sponsors a three-day co-op education/youth leadership conference for up to 64 Virginia high school students. The primary objective of this conference is to educate youth about the unique cooperative form of business. Through an interactive, educational, and entertaining conference, students enhance their business, teamwork, leadership, and communications skills. Youth get a “hands-on” experience to learn more about “the cooperative way of doing business.” Students learn to make business decisions and also develop leadership skills, learn to work as a team, follow directions, and best of all, make new friends. To learn more about the conference visit the Virginia Cooperative Council’s website.